Kérastase launches refills to help the planet!

Recognized for its avant-garde, Kérastase still surprises us by launching a new ecological alternative of rechargeable products which does not compromise luxury and hair care.

It is from April 1 that Kérastase will launch Rechargeable bottles as well as filling covers for its best bath sellers! We will find among these baths the two baths in the Genesis range, the Bath Force Architect, the satin 2 bath and the Chroma respect bath. The absolute light blond bath is desired and will only be available on May 1.

more than 520 tonnes of plastic saved in just one year

Since 2020, Kérastase takes many actions in order to reduce his ecological footprint linked to his packaging and wishes to have a real impact on industry and environment.

  • Between 2020 and 2021 ... Kérastase began to use recycled plastic, especially in the design of its shampoos bottles. To date, 250ml and 500ml bath bottles are 95% made from recycled plastic. Fondants, thermal, oils and serums also contain a certain percentage of material recycled in their packaging. The ultimate goal? Offer bottles made at 100% recycled plastic and also 100% recyclable.
  • Bottles of shampoos made at 95% recycled plastic now save 448 tonnes of plastic per year!
  • In 2021 ... 64% of Plastic Pet came from recycled materials
  • In 2021 ... 520 tonnes of virgin plastic was saved for the entire Kérastase brand

New filling products are therefore an additional action in order to reduce the consumption of single -use plastic.

a luxurious rechargeable bottle

The Kérastase Rechargeable bottle is made of 100% recycled aluminum in addition to being completely recyclable! This magnificent bottle will be offered as a duo with the filling cover and will also be matching the range. This luxury rechargeable bottle offers a practical and good quality format to allow you to use it without limit. Important fact to know: aluminum does not rust, so even if it stays in the shower, your bottle will remain in perfect condition!

ecological and economical charging covers

These news Recharge covers will allow you to fill your bottle with your favorite bath. Its 500ml format is equivalent to 2 250ml format baths and allows you to save money. The 250ml baths are currently sold for $ 47 each, while the 500ML cover will be on sale at a price of $ 72, therefore offering you a saving of 23% compared to the quantity! The pocket also allows a very large saving of plastic, that is to say that it requires 82% less plastic than 2 regular formats.

a new renewable experience

With bottles and charging pockets , live a whole new experience at Parikart. You can now register in order to receive your pocket automatically without having to order it! With this new program in the form of a subscription , you will never miss a shampoo again! When buying your pocket, you will have the choice to make a single purchase or receive it automatically according to a time that suits you and corresponds to your consumption!

Once you have received your recharge, you just have to clean your bottle, let it dry and fill it again!

Available in the 6 best sellers

The charging pockets will be available first in the 6 best sellers of the brand, the hydra-formative and nutri-formative baths from the Genesis range, the Bath of the Absolute Blond range, the satin 2 bath 2 From the nutritional range, the Bath Force Architect from the Resistance range and the Chroma Bath Respect for the Absolute Chroma range.

Genesis baths : strengthen hair, reduce hair loss linked to fall or scratch and from Stimulate the growth of new hair.

The Bath Light : brings shine, flexibility and depth to blond hair in addition to bringing hydration and d 'Be super light. The other hair colors can also use it for a shine boost!

The satin bath 2 : this bath hydrates the hair moderately dry to give them flexibility, softness and the radiance.

The Bath Force Architect : This restorative bath strengthens the hair slightly moderately damaged by providing them with the protein they need.

the chroma respect : the bath par excellence for colored hair! It helps maintain the color and prolong its shine!

Available in other products?

These new renewable formats will certainly not all be all the wrong because they allow you to take care of your hair while taking care of the planet, but also because they continue to offer a complete and luxurious experience. Will these formats also be suitable for other products from the Kérastase brand? Only the future will tell us, but we have the impression that it will not be able to soon ...

Magasin your renewable formats

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