The perfect gift ideas for the 2020 holidays!

We finally arrived at this time of the year, where we see many beautiful colorful lights light up the houses! This is a sign that our favorite time of the year is coming very soon!

And yes, the holiday season arrives much faster than you can think! We have also prepared a list of gift ideas, perfect to offer someone, yourself, or even add to your list of requests. You will find in this list the 30 favorite products at Parikart, in a wide variety of prices and categories!

Without further ado, here they are!

idea #1: Night serum 8 hours nutritive

Fight against static and hair difficult to disentangle with the night serum 8 hours of nutrition!

The night serum is a hydrating serum that provides 8 hours of hydration in the hair! It gives shine, and makes hair soft, shiny and silky! It is an excellent product to use between washing when the tips are dry!

"It smells good, in no way fat and nourishes my hair. I no longer need to pass the flat iron in the morning, my hair x are flexible and smooth. "

Idea #2: The Duo Crème Douce Décincrustant & Amp; Clarifying gum mask

Opt for a depth purified skin on the surface with the clarifying gum mask and the gentle derocuting cream! ($ 78 for both)

Sweet cream disincrustes impurities deep into pores. It acts as a vacuum cleaner, to let the skin breathe, which makes it soft, clean and cleaned

The clarifying gum mask is a gentle exfoliating treatment that makes the skin purified and radiant. It regulates excess sebum, matifies the skin and refines the grai n of skin

used together, these two products offer an optimal skin care effect!

"First try and I love texture and result. I love this product. "

Idea #3: Double therapist serum

Your tips are forked and your lengths are damaged? The double therapist serum is what you need ($ 60)

The therapy serum is a 2 in 1 product that makes little wonders! It will repair the tips and lengths while protecting the hair from the heat! He's not going to weigh down his hair! It protects the hair up to 230 ° C (450 ° F) and reduces the woven tips by 76%!

"My peaks were dry and really not soft ..... with this serum ... as much when I leave them curls natural or smooth, my spikes are soft and brilliant ... really a good product. "

Idea #4: marine bend collagen

You would like your hair, nails and skin to be healthy?

Marine Bend collagen specifically targets the best health of its regions ($ 48)

Marine collagen is an ally that helps the formation of collagen and maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. It is a source of antioxidant which helps protect against free radicals and helps in healing.

"My nails are really growing faster !!!"

It is available in 3 different flavors, strawberry, coconut and flavor without flavor.

Idea #5: a Kérastase festival set

Get 25% discount on Kérastase products thanks to the Christmas Kérastase! (between $ 107.25 and $ 134.25)

Each year, it's madness for the Kérastase Christmas boxes! This year, the discount offered is 25%, and the quantities are very limited!

There are still a few boxes yet, so do so if you want to be sure you can have it! The remaining boxes are available in the ranges:

- Nutritive
- Genesis
- Architect
- Extensionist
- Reflection
- Discipline
- Absolute blond

Idea #6: the duo of dry Shampoo Living Proof

Lie the distance between your washing with the Dry Shampoo Living Proof ($ 33)

Obtain the mini dry shampoo format for free in this living proof parties duo

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