Cicaex: a new treatment for blondes!

Several of you dared the blond this year in the living room, and each time the result was incredible! Choosing a good artist to make your transformation is very important, but choosing the right products to maintain your color is just as much! For blondes, it is essential to use good products to treat your hair after passing in the living room, as well as products to maintain your color without false reflections!

The absolute blond range of kerastase is an excellent range to use in order to maintain your hair following a discoloration. it allows you to have the same effect, or almost, as When you get out of the living room! From its outing, the absolute blond range is one of the favorite ranges at KĂ©rastase!

KĂ©rastase now presents 3 new products in addition to its absolute blond range in order to better meet the needs of all blondes. We present it a little lower, but before, here is some very important information to know if you have had chemical treatment in the living room!

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The effects of discoloration

discoloration causes a loss of fatty acids, that is to say that it eliminates the layers of pigments and proteins, which has the effect of weakening, drying and decreasing the elasticity of hair. In addition, lightening will lift the cuticles to enter the fiber, which makes the hair more fragile and brittle. In addition, the more important and regular chemical treatments, the more your hair will be affected.

The needs of discolored hair

discolor your hair can make it more porous and decrease their skill to absorb and keep hydration. This is why it is important to keep your hair discolored well hydrated, and this, on a regular basis! In addition, as the hair fibers are weakened, they can break more easily. This is why it is also important to bring strength to discolored hair.


kerastase presents three new products in the absolute Blond range in order to meet all the needs of those who dare the blond. Intense hydration, repair and fortification are the missions of the range to allow your hair to find shine, softness, flexibility, elasticity and much more!

cicaxtreme, for whom?

The new products in the cicaxtreme of kerastase range are designed to offer a treatment treatment for freshly discolored hair, or to be added to a routine for blond hair.

Products are to be used as a prescription to intensely treat the Hair following a chemical treatment, or to treat hair which undergoes discoloration regularly or which have suffered for a long time!

the cicaxtreme bath

The brand new Cicaxtreme Bath is a cream shampoo that nourishes, strengthens and hydrates the hair in depth. Its rich and creamy texture forms a light and creamy foam in the shower, without weighing down fine hair! The cicaxtreme bath replaces the drying drying of blond hair with a cleaning that hydrates, strengthens and leaves the hair more flexible, light and shiny.

Contrary to what one might think, the thicker texture of the bath will still form a beautiful foam as we like! You have to use the same amount of the bath as another kérastase bath, and you can without problem twinning it with another bath, like the ultra-violet bath for example!

See the Cicaxtreme Bath

The cicaxtreme mask

The cicaxtreme mask is an ultra -repairer treatment that regenerates in depth after a hair treatment in order to pamper blond hair. It further reduces breakage and allows blond hair to remain strong and shiny. The cicaxtreme mask is a new essential for discoloration addicts and for anyone who needs significant care.

See the cicaxentrem mask

Cicaxtreme oil

The last one, and not the least: the cicaxtreme oil! Can be used in two ways, either on wet hair to enhance the shine or on dry hair as a finish touch, cicaxtreme oil is a very light oil which is primarily to close the hair cuticles. She works in depth to strengthen fibers and cuticles, and she will also hydrate and enhance the shine of your hair!

See the cicaexy oil

Key ingredients

new products from the Cicaxtreme range contain a cocktail of ingredients specially chosen for blond hair. First, a duo of hyaluronic acids makes it possible to restore the elasticity and the natural force of the fiber of the hair, while the Edelweiss oil is used to protect the vulnerable decolory hair from daily damage, so that they remain soft and nourished.

hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is the most powerful moisturizer known by science. It has the capacity to retain up its weight in water up to 1,000 times.

The new hyaluronic acid duo contained in the cicaxtreme range has an improved hydrating power thanks to its Formulation of light and heavy molecules. The light molecule makes it possible to penetrate in depth and hydrate the fiber while the heavier molecule adds volume to the fiber Give more elasticity and force.

Edelweiss oil

Edelweiss flower is famous for its ability to resist climate and environmental changes. Having already proven itself in skin care, Edelweiss is present in the form of creamy oil which softens and nourishes the fiber of the hair to give it shine and health. Its antioxidant properties will also go and protect hair from daily damage.

that she is the difference between cicaex and other absolute blond products?

Unlike other products in the absolute Blond range, hyaluronic acid and Edelweiss are much more concentrated in the new range. New cicaxtreme products are therefore more moisturizing and repairers, which makes them perfect products for extreme blond hair.

Routines with cicaex

Thanks to its new cicaxtreme products, the absolute blond range of kerastase offers everything you need to have the right routine for you.

Discover the right routine for you by clicking just here !

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