"Beauty is ultimately about us" - Cassandra Bouchard

Last April, we had the chance to spend an intimate moment with 9 women who opened up to us in all vulnerability as part of the campaign free to be yourself. Women with different experiences and perceptions of beauty, but with a common definition: beauty, is to be free to be yourself . < /Span> Cassandra Bouchard is a youtuber appreciated for its authenticity. by her book and her daily actions, she tries to undo the perception of perfection that we find on social networks. she entrusted us with the pressure she has imposed herself in order to try to enter the beauty standards and the journey that She did in order to be 100% herself on a daily basis.

What is beauty for you?

Beauty, I think it's the biggest conflict in my life if I can say. This is something that I try to deconstruct and rebuild because at the moment, I realize that I was really my worst enemy in relation to that. I find that it is so difficult in our generation and our society to love each other and be beautiful sincerely. I think it's a campaign that can just do good and can make you realize that beauty is not what we have always thought. Let us try to deconstruct a little the ideals of beauty to realize that beauty, in the end, is us.

How do people's comments on networks affect your confidence in you?

I think I'm really good to make a shell on social networks. I started social networks, I was about 20 years old so I already knew who I was. I do not let the nasty comments affect me. I am really proud to dare express myself on my platforms. To dare to do things in the way I want to do it. It's something, I think, who is really beautiful at home.

How do you see your person?

It's funny because it looks like it is when I show myself vulnerable and in my real light that I feel best. It looks like, for example, when I simply publish a beautiful photo of me, I find it empty. I find something missing. It looks like social networks really allow me to be 100% me and I think it helps me to accept myself and be good in my body, well in my skin.

Sometimes I do not realize what I do in life and I do not realize that I have a voice for vr ai. I find it really impressive and there is nothing that impresses me more than a person who dares, who rushes, who has dreams, who has passions and who dares just to try. I find it so beautiful.

It looks like I expected to come here and that it is very clear for me what beauty is capable of putting the right words. But, I realize how much it challenges me because just to tell you about it, it makes me want to cry. It's stupid. Why do I feel like that? I just realize that beauty is something that really affected me all my life and it is still something that challenges me so much.

The definition of beauty as we perceive, it is something that has always challenged me and it looks like I realize at the moment to have so much misery to put my finger on what is the beauty.

What was the turning point in your life to accept you?

I just realize that I put myself so much pressure to try to be someone that I am not. I had aesthetic surgeries and everything I tried to become ... It was so not me. These are things I saw in my daily life in magazines and on television for example. Tops models. I did everything so as not to be who I am, because, for me, beauty was that. Basically, I realize that beauty was me from the start. I try to realize today that, even if it is achievable, I do not want that. I want to be me. It is in mass enough to be yourself. There is nothing more beautiful, in fact, than a person who is good with yourself. I find that it seems so much when a person enters a room and they radiate and is well in his skin.

I really try to deconstruct the word beauty to do something that is more accessible to everyone ... and to me.

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