"I saw myself as normal" - Julie Munger

last April, we had the chance to spend an intimate moment with 9 women who opened up to us in all vulnerability in the context of the campaign free to be yourself. Women with different experiences and perceptions of beauty, but with a common definition: Beauty, is to be free to be yourself . sparkling, electrifying and dynamic, Julie Munger is a professional makeup artist and content creator much appreciated by Quebec public. She wants to break the standards and bring people to consider normality rather than difference. She entrusted us with the impact that her passage on OD reality TV with us as well as her recipe for happiness.

What is beauty for you?

For me beauty, that's what you are going to project to others. This is the confidence you will have. This is the joy you are going to have. It is interior beauty, for me beauty. We have been in a mold for a very long time, so it's important to break the barriers, to see something else.

Did you see yourself as diversity with double occupation?

I made OD like all the other girls who made OD to go find a boy tsey. But I was put in a mold of "it is the diversity we wanted on TV". I saw myself more like normality. Afterwards, after the show, it looks like I was no longer a difference. People have teamed up so much with me saying "She is a normal girl. She has a surplus of weight, but she had the audacity to go. "

How to take control of your own happiness?

I think we take control of our own happiness when you think about doing what we like, doing things that make us happy. Stop breaking the bicycle for others when the others do not break it for us. It is to work on his happiness, to do activities that we love. Just take a big latty in the morning, I'm happy. I'm going to have a big cheze. just banal affairs. You have to find happiness in the little things of life.

My parents have always said to me: Stop looking at others and being nice to yourself. I think it will be showing up in your relationship with everyone and with yourself. When the world tries to pull you down, clean up because it doesn't.

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