Genesis: Hair loss will no longer be a problem

You've probably heard about it, Kérastase is launching a new range that will completely revolutionize the problem of hair loss. The new Genesis range, which will be on sale on our online store and in the two parikart salons from next April, is designed to strengthen weakened hair and likely to fall. In this blog, we will make an overview of the range and its various products offered in the Genesis range. Other blogs will follow to explain to you what would be the best routine for your hair type! The whole range will be available on April 1st!

hydra -formative bath - Genesis Kérastase

The first range of the range is a high-falling hair-fall bath fine and having an excess sebum. The product is designed for C hectic heveurs, subjects to the fall due to the breakage. Its ultra-delicate formula detoxifies the scalp and the fiber of fine and fatty hair. The bath gently eliminates sebum and pollution particles in addition to strengthening fibers for intense resilience and luscious beauty.

Nutri -formative bath - Genesis Kérastase

The second shampoo is also a high-fall fortifying bath. On the other hand, it is aimed at people with the hair dry or thick and weakened . The rich formula detoxifies and nourishes the scalp and the fiber of dry or thick hair. It gently cleanses the scalp and eliminates pollution particles while providing intense nutrition and disentangling the hair without weighing it down.

reinforced melting - genesis kerastase

The reinforced fondant is the revitalizing of the Genesis range. It is excellent for all those who have weakened hair likely to fall because of the breakage. This light and strengthening treatment instantly strengthens fiber. In addition, it nourishes and gives strength to the hair. Obviously, it facilitates the disentangling of hair. This product was created to strengthen and strengthen the fiber and then leave the hair uniform, soft and shiny.

reconstituting mask - Genesis kerastase

The reconstituting mask is an intensely fortifying anti-fall mask. As with the whole range, it is designed for people with the c hectic heveurs, likely to fall due to the breakage. The mask provides intense regeneration with hair fiber in addition to providing hydration and intense nutrition to fibers without weighing them down. It makes hair smooth and easy to disentangle with a uniform, soft and shiny finish.

thermal defense - genesis kerastase

Thermal defense is a high-speed fortifying product. This product without rinsing guarantees protection against heat and hydrates, strengthens and protects against heat -caused damage. It untangles and hydrates the fibers without creating Frisottis or Alrourdissement. It greatly facilitates brushing and hairstyle. This product strengthens fibers to reduce the risk of hair loss due to scrap and helps prevent fork tips by sealing the cuticle of the hair. You must apply it on dried lengths to the towel. Massage the lengths and dry!

anti -fall fortifying serum - Genesis Kérastase

The daily anti-fall-fall serum improves resistance to minimize hair loss and maximize beautiful hair. It leaves the fibers stronger and more beautiful. Day after day, this product increases the resilience of your hair to fall in addition to soothing the scalp. To use it, you must apply 4 doses to the dry or wiped scalp, section by section. 1 dose = 1 pipette filled to the benchmark. Massage gently and do not rinse. Use once a day for Increase resilience to fall, smooth the scalp and decrease itching. It will help strengthen and preserve the natural protective barrier of the scalp.

Fortifying anti -falling in bulbs - Genesis kerastase

Fortifying anti-fall treatment is ideal for periods of intense hair. The unique concentration of targeted ingredients acts as a dose of pure active agents that work intensely to reduce hair loss, offering an optimal environment for future growth. As a result, the fiber of your hair will be stronger and more beautiful. You must use it daily in the morning or before going to bed. Apply 1 bulb to the dry or wiped scalp, section by section. Massage gently. Do not rinse. It is recommended to use the bulbs as a treatment for 6 weeks. This product provides significant anti-fall efficiency, reassures the fiber to the root and slows down the loss process.

technology behind Genesis de Kérastase

first, the products contain ginger root. This product protects against daily external aggressions which can weaken your hair.

Then there are Edelweiss stem cells. This helps hair resist the most extreme conditions. Edelweiss is known in care for its antioxidant power and its properties preserving collagen.

Ultimately, there is AMIXIL 15%. AMIXIL 15% helps hair more securely anchor in the scalp and prevents collagen from hardening around the hair follicles.

The whole range will be available on April 1, register for our newsletter to receive a notification when these products are available!

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