3 good reasons to try a peel!

Face peel is intended to remove the surface layers of the skin in order to reduce wrinkles, scars, acne and pigment spots. At Parikart, peelings are all made with the efficient image range. All our peels are enzymatic peels, you will not find any chemical peeling in our two salons. In these kinds of peels, these are fruits that act gently to dissolve dead skin cells, promote the renewal of skin cells and soften the texture of the skin with minimum irritation. Perfect for all skin types, in particular dry or sensitive skin, our professional enzymatic peels offer a powerful rejuvenation of the skin and visible results in a single treatment!

How exactly does it work?

The principle is to cause an exfoliation of one or more layers of the skin, and thus create a regeneration of the epidermis. The peel peel more or less deeply into the epidermis and dermis, according to the chosen agent and his concentration.

Why get a peel

1- Make your skin more radiant, soft and smooth. The simple feeling of new skin is an excellent reason to get a peel. As it is an efficient treatment, you will really feel a difference directly after care.

2- Fight against the signs of time! The face is constantly exposed to the environment (sun, pollution, etc.) which means that it is one of the parts of the body where aging seems most quickly. The peel will give a real breath of freshness to your face

3- If you have acne scars, peeling is a very good treatment to mitigate them. As it dissolves dead cells and renews skin cells, the peel really comes to make a difference on the appearance of scars on your face! This is the same principle to reduce pigment spots!

In short, several reasons are good for getting a peel. If you needed one more reason, here it is: until March 31, all peelings are only $ 99 instead of $ 150! This is the ideal moment, just before the change of season, to make you care that will give you radiant skin!

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Les notes de roses blanches, de bois de santal et de vanille de cette Eau de Parfum s'entremĂȘlent et rĂ©vĂšlent une odeur Ă©voquant les cĂŽtĂ©s chaud, feutrĂ© et sensuel du cachemire. De quoi mettre de l'extraordinaire dans votre quotidien. DĂ©couvrez ÉgĂ©rie, une Eau de parfum fĂ©minine au caractĂšre assumĂ©.  ÉgĂ©rie - L'Eau de parfum de Parikart par Ruby Brown


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