It is coloured pink to test Chroma Absolute!

You may remember that Jean-Sébastien, our Marketing Director, had become blond for the launch of the Cicaxtreme range of Kérastase in January 2021. We wanted to challenge him again so that he will test The new Absolute Chroma range ... and we didn't go there halfway!

Last Friday, Jean-Sébastien abandoned his brown hair for a beautiful Incarnadin pink. Here is his before/after:

He makes a hair change for you!

"The one and only objective to have me color is for our team to better advise our customers. We want to do everything so that our customers have the best service and the best possible experience, so if I have to color my hair so that we reach this goal, it is certain that I will do it! »

Just as at the launch of Cicaxtreme, Jean-Sébastien will test the products and give you his opinion 100% objective on the whole new Absolute Chroma range of Kérastase.

Was you afraid of the result?

"Not at all. Obviously, I made my transformation made by our artists into a living room, and I have 100% self -confidence. I know that they are excellent and that they work with respect for my hair and also with the aim of having a good result. Obviously, it is a slightly more daring color, but I trusted that the result would be beautiful anyway. Does that suit me well? It's up to you to judge! »

What product do you intrigue the most?


Are you going to stay pink hair forever?

"I hope I don't disappoint you by telling you that I will come back to my natural color as soon as I have tested the products! This will also allow me to test the Green which controls copper tones in dark colored hair. It's going to be all a challenge to keep a beautiful brown with my pink hair that will be covered ... I can't wait to see the result! »

Absolute chroma is definitely the best friend of colorful hair! To find out more about the new range, we invite you to consult Our blog on the subject .

To discover the absolute chroma products of Kérastase, Click here.

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