Kérastase launches Chroma Absolu: a range for coloured hair

3 in 5 women have colored their hair in the last 12 months and only 40% of them use products for colored hair. The color is pushing faster and it remains shiny and brilliant less long. Kérastase comes to the rescue of all colored hair with its brand new Absolute Chroma range which will be available from February 1. We tell you everything about this new range and its unique products!

How does the coloring aware of hair?

Alkaline agents contained in coloring can create holes in fiber so that color penetrates the heart of the hair. The hair therefore becomes porous and with a rough texture. The more time goes by, the more bland the color.

Coloring can cause three levels of damage: in the heart, in the middle and on the surface. First, damage to the heart of the fiber make the hair porous which leaves hydration and color escape. Then, the damage in the middle of the fiber makes it more sensitive to attacks. Attresses such as UV rays, heated tools or high -content water accelerate color oxidation and decrease its shine. Finally, when the surface is damaged, the cuticle is dry and rough to the touch thus creating unwanted frizz.

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<strong> Absolute chroma: the new Kérastase range for colored hair </strong> <strong> </strong>
<p> This brand new range of kerastase comes to the rescue of colored hair. It replaces the chromatic range. Without sulfate, this range fights the three levels of damage induced by coloring. It increases softness and reduces frizz caused by coloring. It makes hair brighter and gives more depth to color. As the color tends to oxidize and discolor over time, the use of absolute chroma will prevent all these damage in order to maintain a brilliant color like when you get out of the living room! </p>
<h3> <strong> acids: healing care </strong> </h3>
<p> Acids are at the heart of the absolute chroma formula. These high -tech active ingredients offer high affinity personalized action with colorful fiber. They actually have the ability to penetrate the heart of the hair fiber to heal and strengthen. </p>
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First, lactic acid transforms the fiber to the surface in order to seal it and obtain more softness and less frizz. It also helps prevent the accumulation of minerals. Tartric acid, for its part, is a powerful antioxidant. It serves as a shield to help protect the color of oxidation. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, serves as a filling for deep porosities. As she is able to play her weight at the top 1000 times, she fulfills her role perfectly. Finally, the Centella Asiatica, also called the tiger grass, completes the trio of acids. This plant extract soothes and heals damaged hair and regenerate dry hair.

the products in the range

the chroma respect

This shampoo having a soft formula cleanses and restores the hair without removing the color. P color rotector, it hydrates the hair fiber to make it softer and thus reduce its porosity in order to keep the color inside longer. This bath is intended for fine to medium hair and, although it is designed for colored hair, it is still suitable for all hair types that need rehydration and light repair.

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<p> <a href= < Strong> To find out more about the Chroma Respect bath.

the rich bath chroma respect

The rich bath chroma respect is a nourishing and protective shampoo for medium to thick hair. It feeds in depth and restores elasticity while preserving the color. Designed for colored hair, it is still suitable for all hair types that need rehydration and light repair. It is more moisturizing than the chroma respect bath.

To find out more about the rich bath chroma respect.

the cicachroma fondant

The cicachroma fondant is an intensely moisturizing treatment for colored hair. Its powerful and light formula enters the hair fiber to hydrate it in depth and help it regain strength and health. The fondant helps to prolong the color and regain the malleability of the hair.

To find out more about the Cicachroma Fondant.

Acid care chroma gloss

The gloss is certainly the star product of this range! This is an anti-mineral rinsing treatment and revealing shine. It prevents the accumulation of minerals that tarnish the hair to reveal the brightest tones of your color! The acids it contains seal the cuticles and eliminate frizz for softer and healthier hair. Its texture which goes from fluid to miller will impress you. It is used once a week in place of the fondant or mask or in extra for an extra shine and care. The amount of product has an impact on the result. For short or fine hair, 15 ml is sufficient while for hair or thick, you will need 30 ml.

To find out more about chroma gloss acid treatment.

the chromatherm serum

This thermal serum is an uninformed milky essence rich in antioxidants which helps preserve the color while protecting fiber from external aggressions. It forms a transparent film around fiber to protect the color against damage caused by UV rays or heat. With 230ºC thermal protection, it also provides frizz control for 24 hours.

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The chroma green corrector treatment neutralizing

This green correction treatment is completely unique! This emerald green mask helps to neutralize the copper and red unwanted reflections in order to enhance dark hair. It helps maintain the real hair color while providing them with shine and brightness. It is used once a week or if necessary.

to find out more about the Corrector green chroma neutralizing treatment.

the chromafiller mask

Chromafiller is a deep healing and reinforcement mask. With its rich creamy texture concentrated in active ingredients, it enters the heart of the fiber to fill the porosity, rebuild and strengthen the hair. Since it feeds the fibers from the inside, the mask increases resilience and considerably reduces the breakage in addition to helping to preserve the color longer!

To find out more about the Chromafiller mask.

The Absolute Chroma range will be available from February 1 and we are very excited that you find it! If you have more questions, do not hesitate to write us in a private message on our social networks. Our advisers are always there to answer you!

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