Ventouses pour le corps O'Terra

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It is essential to use Balm for the body in complementarity of the suction cups to ensure effective and safe treatment.

O'terra suction cups are an excellent anti-cellulite solution to do at home. They are effective regardless of the type of cellulite (adipose, aqueous, mixed or fibrous). They work on The degradation of the body's fat cells (called "lipolysis") and dislodge orange skin. They therefore bring a marked decrease in cellulite in addition to improving blood circulation for smoother and more elastic skin. They are specially designed to be unbreakable and to give visible results quickly.

The set includes two suction cups. The average is used for smaller body areas such as arms, calves, knees, etc. While the largest will be more practical for the largest parts of the body such as buttocks and thighs.


- Decrease the appearance of cellulite
- Activate blood circulation
- Effective against Capitons
- Dislog orange skin
- E ntrainent the degradation of fat cells
-make the skin smooth and increase its Elasticity
- Provide visible results quickly
- unbreakable and effective silicone suction cups


1. Apply the Matcha and grapefruit firmness balm to the desired part of the body.
2. Place the suction cup on the skin and squeeze both sides of the suction cup in order to empty and create a suction.
3. Move the suction cup in the direction of blood circulation, from bottom to High, for at least two minutes per area.

do every day for at least a month to see a result. Do if necessary, once the result is obtained.

If there is a combination of water and cellulite retention, the use of O’terra roulette and suction cups will optimize the benefits. In this case, first use the roulette, then the suction cups.


Do not use suction cups if you suffer from varicose veins or varicoseness before having consulted your doctor or pharmacist / Do not use on the belly if you are pregnant / keep the balm At room temperature, sheltered from the sun and heat / stop use in the event of too high irritation or sensitivity / product efficiency may vary from person to another. < /p>

Les ventouses O'Terra sont une excellente solution anti-cellulite à faire à la maison. Elles sont efficaces peu importe le type de cellulite. Livraison rapide et gratuite dès 50$
Ventouses pour le corps O'Terra


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