• Total Eye FPS 35

Total Eye FPS 35

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Total Eye FPS 35

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offer to you the FPS 35 3-in-renewed total Eye therapy to visibly improve the appearance of dark circles, pockets, fine lines and fine lines while protecting the delicate eyes zone against photovisor With a sunscreen 100% FPS 35.

corrects: immediately lightens the eye area and corrects imperfections to reduce dark circles and pockets for a refreshing appearance and rested.

protects: without chemicals, 100% mineral SPF 35 defends against UVA / UVB and environmental stressors that contribute to skin aging. >
Target: helps to restore skin health thanks to hydration that provides support for skin relaxation in order to improve the upper eyes outline. Improves the appearance of dark circles, pockets, fine lines and wrinkles


- Wide spectrum sunscreen (UVA / UVB)
- UVA protection index: PA +++
- UVB protection index: FPS 35 < BR> - Lightening and corrects dark circles
- The cooling applicator helps reduce the pockets
- smooth fine lines and fine lines

user manual

Step 1: Distribute half a pump at the applicator tip. This should give you enough product for both eyes.
Step 2: Tap your eyes. Then smooth the product throughout the region of the eye area.

key ingredients

- actineyes, a combination of seawater and sea microalgae which protects the skin from impurities while attacking skin lax and pockets under the Eyes by helping to support the health of collagen, thus increasing the firmness of the skin.

- of the 5x adalvine, a powerful ingredient composed of two polysaccharides which maintain the health of the capillaries to minimize The pockets around the eyes and reduce the pigmentation that causes dark circles.

- Phytomoist, which contains hyaluronic acid of plant origin and beta. This deals with the hydration and overall flexibility of the skin and helps maintain water balance over time. It is a more moisturizing 4x ingredient than hyaluronic acid.

-Two plant extracts acting in synergy to reduce the volume and depth of fine lines and wrinkles and minimize the fold of the upper eyelid for a Smooth appearance. Corrects discoloration to alleviate dark circles.

-a powerful mixture of peptides and vitamins to respond to problems such as pockets under the eyes, dark circles, fine lines, fine lines and pockets as little that 7 days with visible results.

Total Eye FPS 35