Shampoing Sec Deep Clean

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the dry shampoo Deep Clean ensures maximum oil absorption for all hair types. This high performance dry shampoo eliminates excess sebum to refresh hair, giving them an appearance and feeling of cleanliness. Use it to refresh the hair until the fourth day!


- Ideal for refreshing the hair of the 3rd and 4th days
- Silicone without sulfate and without talc
- The formula includes the following key ingredients: Tapioca rice and starch to fight oily and oily roots
- absorbs heavy oil on all hair types
- Provides a feeling of freshness for deep cleaning

user manual

Shake well before use. To be used on dry hair. Hold the bottle at a 10 inches distance from the hair. Spray on the roots to the tips. Massage the scalp with your fingers and brush the hair until the powder is completely eliminated.

Format: 91g


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