Sérum Universel

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The universal serum is the very first anti-aging serum for scalp and hair! This youthless youth without rinsing serum brings intense hydration and regeneration to scalp and hair. It helps to fight the signs of the age that arises in the scalp and on the hair fibers to restore their original beauty to them. As for the hair, these will demonstrate more hydration, shine, frizz control, for a healthy appearance. Over the applications, the hair fibers will be plumped up to 7.2% additional, for a larger and bulky effect. This powerful serum also prevents pollution particle deposits, to protect the scalp and fibers from external aggressions. Thanks to the biomimetic encapsulation of caviar, universal serum exploits the power of hyaluronic acid, abyssine and vitamin E to their purest power.


- Hydrates the scalp and hair
- fights the signs of the age of scalp and hair
- Control Frisottis for a period going as far as 96h
- Revitalize the scalp and hair
- Provides 4x more shine to fibers
- Repulp fibers and roots for more volume
- improves the hydration of fibers of 81%
- Protects the scalp and hair from pollution, free radicals, UVs and other attackers.
- protects heat up to 450 ° F


Step 1: Apply 1 to 2 pumps on the entire scalp
Step 2: Massage delicately with your fingertips to penetrate the scalp.
Step 3 : Then apply the serum to the lengths by massaging in your hands, then styling your hair as usual.

can be used on the dry scalp and on dry or humid hair. Do not rinse. Can be used as a night serum.

key ingredients

- hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the scalp and hair in addition to contributing to plump hair fiber.
- Emollient active ingredients, which make it possible to soften and provide more flexibility to the fibers.
-The Abyssin, which tones and revitalizes the fiber in addition to providing it with a superb smooth, sweet and shiny finish.
-Argan oil, which contributes to softening the fibers and restoring them more shine and elasticity.
-apricot seed oil and glycerin, which rehydrate hair fibers.
-Vitamin E, which, thanks to its antioxidant properties, protects the scalp and hair from external aggressions such as UV rays, pollution and free radicals.
-Squalane, which rehydrates hair fibers and helps fight the damage caused to fibers.

Format: 40ml
Sérum Universel
Sérum Universel


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