Sérum Potentialiste

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Apaise et calme le cuir chevelu

Décolle les racines

Lutte contre le déséquilibre du cuir chevelu

Convient à tous les types de cheveux

infused with ingredients that support the scalp microbiome, Potentilist is the optimal scalp shield that protects it from external aggressors who threaten its balance. Potentialist serum is designed to soothe the scalp and protect it from external aggressions by ensuring a microbiome balance. This serum, which is suitable for all hair types, prevents the accumulation of pollution particles and dead cells. In addition, it prevents the formation of unwanted odors and strengthens the scalp microbiome in order to have healthy quality hair.

A healthy scalp is the basis for having healthy hair. By protecting 100 % of the scalp microbiome, the potentialist serum creates the optimal environment for strong, healthy and beautiful hair.


the instant effect ...
- greater comfort in the scalp.
- an immediate feeling of appeasement and freshness .

after 7 days ...
-more healthy roots.
- Protects pollution, adheres to the roots, promotes hydration.

After 1 bottle ...
- A rebalanced scalp.
- Promotes a revitalized scalp and supports the full potential of hair.


- Suitable for all hair types. Can be integrated into all Kérastase ranges
- soothes and calms the scalp
- prevents the accumulation of pollution particles and dead cells.
- provides good results after a few days of use.
- Fight against the imbalance of the scalp
- Preserves the protective barrier of the scalp against external aggressions
- Makes the scalp healthier and stronger
- Take off the roots
- Revitalize the scalp

user manual

Step 1: Apply once a day, morning or evening, for a period of 3 weeks.
Step 2: Apply 1 dose (3 pipettes to the line) on the dry or humid scalp.
Step 3: Massage the scalp for a few minutes to allow the product to penetrate well.
Step 4: Do not rinse. Combine your hair as usual.

key ingredients

- Fractions of prebiotics and bifidus probiotics

prebiotic are nutrients that promote the multiplication of bacteria that bring precious advantages with a scalp. The probiotics are non -viable organisms which act similarly to the bacteria already in place. These powerful ingredients contained in Potentialist nourish the microbiome, protect it from daily stressors and allow it to reach an optimal protective barrier. The result: a fulfilled and balanced scalp that constitutes a solid base for strong and beautiful hair.

- Vitamin C

the vitamin C fills with Many vital functions in body tissue, including skin and scalp. External aggressions can attack and weaken the scalp, causing imbalance and discomfort. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals and protects against the oxidation of natural lipids of sebum. Potentialist serum contains a unique derivative of vitamin C of natural origin. Precursor of vitamin, it acts as defense on the surface of the scalp, protecting it from oxidation.

Format: 90 ml


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