Sérum de Nuit 8h

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Revitalizes ends

Reduces frizz

Leaves a satin finish

Diffuses a captivating scent

This nourishing night serum is ideal for dry hair! It provides 8 hours of nutrition so that when waking up, the hair is soft, protected and easy to comb. The product penetrates completely into hair fiber for a feeling of lightness!
Its light and creamy texture is suitable for all hair types: it helps to untangle fine hair and makes it easier to comb normal to thick. The hair is gradually absorbing nutrients from the nourishing serum overnight.

"In the evening, the serum gives off aromas that stimulate sleep. In the morning, the serum gives off aromas that stimulate the alarm clock. "

This is the perfect complement for a nutritious and nourishing shower routine. In order to wake up with perfectly cowardly waves or defined curls, apply beforehand the hair or make a bun.


- Provides 8 hours of nutrition during the night
- Hydrates without weighing down fine hair
- Helps to untangle the hair
- Makes the hair soft and protected

user manual

Step 1: use 2 to 4 pressures, depending on the length and thickness of the hair.
Step 2: Apply to a dry or humid hair before going to sleep.
Step 3: massage the product from the lengths to the tips.

For an application on wet hair, dry it with a towel before application.

You don't need to wash your hair the next morning! Your hair will be ready to accompany you on your day.

key ingredients

- Iris root extract which feeds durably for 8 hours.
- A mixture of 5 vitamins that seals the cuticles for a satin finish.

infused with iris root extract and a mixture of 5 vitamins, whose vitamin E, serum deeply penetrates the hair fiber for 8 hours to be completely absorbed, in order to restore the nutritional balance of hair.

Format: 90ml


Finish styling your hair with the Dry Ends Nutrient Supplement Serum. Put one or two drops in the palm of your hand. Distribute between both hands. Apply to lengths and ends.


- For dry and split lengths and ends

- Revitalizes ends

- Makes hair stronger and more lustrous

- Reduces frizz

- Provides a uniform texture to the touch

- Prevents the appearance of split ends

- Seals ends for a satin finish

- Diffuses a captivating fragrance that lasts a long time.


A VITAMIN OIL BLEND: This is a vitamin blend that helps boost the nourishing and strengthening properties of the formula.

ANTI-DRY POLYMERS: Thanks to their great affinity with hair, they lightly wrap the ends of the fiber with a fine treating micromesh. They form a network on the hair fiber to provide immediate hydration and seal dry ends, but also prevent the appearance of new split ends.


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