Routine : Traitement De La Cellulite Adipeuse

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What is fat cellulite?

Sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits are at the origin of this type of cellulite, which manifests itself by pinching of the skin.

1. Prepare : mild cell water scrub < /p>

The scrub is the crucial step for obtaining soft and silky skin. It leaves the skin with a milk finish and a sublime skin. The scrub offers hydration and comfort to the skin.

user manual:

-Apply 3 times a week < /span>
-Apply to dry skin before the shower. In contact with water, the scrub transforms into milk!

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2. Morning & amp; Evening : Intensive Glauscine cream

The intensive glauscin cream is a treating cream for adipose cellulite. It tones and reshapes the silhouette, which improves the appearance of the skin. It fights against fatty clusters and attenuates the appearance of orange skin and capitons.

user manual:

- Apply in the morning and/or in the evening to the areas concerned. Make penetrate by massaging with ascending movements.

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