• Crème Intensive Glauscine

Crème Intensive Glauscine

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Crème Intensive Glauscine

Crème Intensive Glauscine


This cream contains a molecule resulting from the coupling of active fractions of poppy flowers and seeds of India brown, recognized for their high efficiency. Glauscin is therefore an ally of choice by its global and ultra -efficient action. Less adipose and better drained, the skin recovers its firmness.

"Acts visibly on cellulite. »


- Promotes the elimination of water and fat in the tissues
- Increases the destocking of fat
- Reduces the appearance of Capitons, skin D 'Orange
- Reduces fatty clusters
- Tonifies and reshapes the silhouette

user manual

apply morning and evening to the areas of the body concerned and penetrate by ascending movements.

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