Spécifique : Routine rééquilibrante pour les cheveux à tendance grasse

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This set contains:

Divalent bath

The divalent bath is a balancing and purifying shampoo without silicone. This purifying bath treats the oily roots by regulating the overproduction of sebum. It also treats the hair fiber from lengths to the tips to nourish dry and sensitized tips so that the hair regains softness and shine. The hair at the root becomes greasy less quickly while the lengths remain nourished with the healed fork tips. The rambling bath will also relieve itching from the sensitive scalp.

In general, after a few weeks of use, the hair will become much less greasy, allowing you to space the washes of an additional day.

Rehydrating mask

The rehydrating mask is a gel-masque intense rehydrating without silicone designed for dry and sensitized hair. It rebalances the essential level of hydration in the hair and greatly facilitates detangling! The hair will therefore be soft, smooth and shiny.

The fresh texture of the rehydrating mask is obtained by combining a derivative of corn starch with nutritious lipids, a firming calendar wax and a fortifying ceramide With a detangling agent. The rehydrating mask relieves the thirst of the fibers with care agents, restores the quality of the hair and disentangles each wick with a light finish.

Balanting clay

Balanting clay is a silicone -free shampoo that deeply cleanses the scalp. This clay shampoo provides a volume effect while moisturizing the lengths and dislodging all the impurities of the root. In addition, It will rebalance the PH levels, thus making it possible to clean gently and balance sebum production. Your scalp will be light and fresh!

This clay shampoo has a washing base made up of soft, but powerful cleansing agents. The compact and enveloping creamy foam rich in menthol strengthens the feeling of freshness. Kaolin clay associated with Montmorillonite clay absorbs excess sebum and pollution particles. Cational care polymers also add a soft and shiny finish.

Potentialist serum

infused with ingredients that support the scalp microbiome, potentist is the optimal scalp shield that protects it from external aggressors who threaten its balance. The potentist serum is designed to soothe the scalp and protect it from external aggressions by ensuring a balance of the microbiome. This serum, which is suitable for all hair types, prevents the accumulation of pollution particles and dead cells. In addition, it prevents the formation of unwanted odors and strengthens the scalp microbiome in order to have healthy quality hair.

A healthy scalp is the basis for having healthy hair. By protecting 100 % of the scalp microbiome, the potentist serum creates the optimal environment for strong, healthy and beautiful hair.


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