Routine nettoyante illuminatrice pour teints ternes et taches pigmentaires

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A cleaning and purifying routine perfect for normal or rather dry skin. You will have in this routine a cleaner to use daily, as well as two purifying and exfoliating products favored at Esthederm!

This routine contains:

youth illuminating foam

This cleansing foam reduces the appearance of brown spots and gives radiance to the face. It cleanses the face for fresh, soft and illuminated skin. A healthy appearance guaranteed!

Use: Apply a small quantity of the product on the face, neck and neckline. Massage in circular motion by focusing on the T zone (chin, nose, forehead) and rinse well.

Douce Crème Décincrustetant < /a>

emblematic Esthederm care, this soft and creamy cream cleans the skin while respecting it and disincustes impurities deep in pores. This cream changes texture when it is massaged in the skin; She thickens and adheres to the skin. It absorbs the impurities of the pores by acting as a vacuum cleaner to let the skin breathe. Used regularly, the skin is soft, clean and cleaned of all the impurities accumulated on the skin.

Use: Apply a small amount of product on an area of ​​the face (ex: the forehead) and massage by making Circular movements until the cream thickens. Rinse the area immediately with water, then repeat in the remaining area (cheeks).

Mask Gummail < /a>

This product combines the effectiveness of a facial mask and a soft exfoliating treatment. Its creamy texture will gently exfoliate the skin, making it purified and radiant. On request, the active components of the product are absorbed in skin cells, excess sebum is regularized and pigmentation irregularities are corrected. The dead skin cells are erased in delicacy so as not to attack the skin.

Use: Apply in a thick layer on the face, neck and neckline. Leave to act and erase the skin in circular motion. Rinse well in water.