Roulette O'Terra

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It is essential to use Balm for the body in complementarity of the roulette to ensure a effective and safe treatment.

Designed to massage in depth, the roulette helps to unclog the tissues, activate blood circulation and drain water retention. This tool is perfect for people who work for a long time in the same position, for those who feel a heaviness in their legs or for those who make water retention and who feel fatigue and sensitivity. Roulette is used on all parts of the body (belly, arms, thigh, calves, etc.)

Roulette can be used in combination with suction cups for effective and complete treatment, so much retention water than cellulite. In this case, use the roulette first and the suction cups in the second.


- Déclorge tissues, decreases water retention and activates blood circulation.
- D Iminue The effect of the heavy legs
-can be used By pregnant women or breastfeeding
-Can be used on all bodies


1. Apply the firmness balm to matcha and o'terra grapefruit to the desired body part.
2. Pass the roulette into continuous movements with a certain pressure for about 2 minutes per zone.

if you feel pain when using the O'terra body suction cups, use D 'First the roulette to unclog the fabrics. If there is a combination of water and cellulite retention, the use of suction cups combined with roulette optimized The benefits and results sought. In this case, first use the roulette, then the suction cups.


use use in the event of too high irritation or sensitivity / product efficiency can vary from one person to another.


L’efficacité du produit peut varier d'une personne à une autre.


- Désengorge les tissus, diminue la rétention d'eau et active la circulation sanguine.

- Diminue l'effet des jambes lourdes

- Peut être utilisé par les femmes enceintes ou qui allaitent

-Peut être utilisé sur tous les corps


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