Pochette de recharge bain Force Architecte - 500ml

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Suitable for slightly damaged hair

Rebuilds and strengthens hair


Here is the cover allowing you to fill your aluminum rechargeable bottle!

Less waste and more care: this is what the rechargeable bottles offer you as well as the Kérastase Filling Pockets. Reusable aluminum bottles and filling pockets made at 82% from recycled plastic allow you to reduce your consumption of single -use plastic while continuing to offer your hair the treatment they deserve. > How does it work?
Provide -You the duo with the bottle and recharge suitable for your hair. When your bottle is empty, you can fill it by only getting the charging pocket. Before filling your bottle again, you must clean it then dry it.

The Bath Force Architect

The Bath Force Architect is our shampoo specially designed for damaged and weakened hair. It reconstructs and strengthens the hair fiber from the root to the tip while preventing the breaks and the forked tips. The hair is softer, strong, shiny and protected. This damaged hair shampoo helps rebuild weakened and brittle hair and protects from future damage.


- Suitable for damaged levels of level 1-2
- Reconstructs and strengthens hair
- gives proteins to hair.


Step 1: Apply a quantity equivalent to the size of a 25 sous on wet hair and the scalp.
Step 2: Mush foaming By massaging the hair
Step 3. Rinse well

key ingredients

-The vita-cement complex
-The pro-kératin which imitates the function of the natural keratin of the hair to reconstruct it.
- Ceimular ceramids of cell cement, they will strengthen the heart of the damaged hair.
- of the resurrection sap which has a regenerating power.

Format: 500ml


Step 1: Apply a quarter-sized amount to wet hair and scalp.

Step 2: Create a lather by massaging the hair

Step 3. Rinse well


- Suitable for damaged hair level 1-2

- Rebuilds and strengthens hair

- Provides protein to hair.

Key Ingredients


- Pro-Keratin which imitates the function of the hair's natural keratin to rebuild it.

- Ceramides serving as cellular cement, they will strengthen the core of damaged hair.

- Resurrection sap which has regenerating power.


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