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PHD Dry Shampoo -Jumbo

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Our customers' favorite dry shampoo

Refreshes the look

Leaves a soft texture

Lightly perfumes hair

One of the best dry shampoos on the market! A dry shampoo that cleanses hair by removing oil, sweat and odor.

Powered by triple-action cleansing technology to transform the look, feel and smell of hair. The perfume leaves a fresh smell throughout the day.


Step 1: Shake well before each use.

Step 2: Apply evenly to the hair and roots (apply approximately 20 cm away from the hair).

Step 3: Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute to let the shampoo work.

Step 4: Tilt your head back, then lightly massage the hair with your fingers.

Step 5: Brush.


- Absorbs oil, sweat and odors

- Makes hair look, feel and smell freshly washed

- Leaves a long-lasting fresh scent

- Silicone-free

- Paraben-free

- Phthalate free


1. Spray a little dry shampoo where you tend to sweat the most before a workout. After spraying the desired area, tie your hair back to hide the powder. While you work out, dry shampoo absorbs sweat, reducing post-workout styling time.

2. If you sweat at night, spray dry shampoo where you tend to sweat the most before bed, then shake your hair out in the morning for a ready-made style. Sleep with your hair tied up to prevent powder from getting on your pillow and to help preserve your style.


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