Reusable & luminous patches for the eye area

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The luminous eye patches are specially designed to complement the action of our eye serum, together forming a powerful solution against inflammation, dark circles, and bags under the eyes. These patches increase the effectiveness of the decongestant and draining properties of the serum, maintaining its application for longer and intensifying its benefits on the delicate area around the eyes. The result is a visible reduction in inflammation and a reduction in dark circles and bags, for a visibly refreshed and revitalized look. The pack includes three pairs of patches, offering an effective and targeted method for improving the appearance of the eye area.

(3 pairs)


1- Apply O'terra eye contour serum.

2- Remove the plastic films under the eye contour patches.

3- Apply the patches under the eyes and leave to act for at least twenty minutes.

4- Rinse the patches, put them back on the plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator.

5- Do twice a week or as needed.

6- Reuse patches up to ten times before throwing them away.

ADVICE: To maximize the benefits, use the patches & the luminous serum for the eye area together, as they have been designed to be complementary and to reinforce the power of each person.

WARNINGS: For personal use only, Always apply to cleansed skin, Discontinue use if irritation occurs, Keep out of reach of children, The effectiveness of products may vary from one person to another.


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