Silicone body patch (pair)

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Experience the nighttime transformation with reusable silicone patches, designed to reveal visibly more elastic and hydrated skin when you wake up. Their operation is both simple and revolutionary: by placing the patches on your skin, they promote a significant increase in natural hydration. They act by capturing ambient humidity and diffusing it through the different layers of the skin, which considerably improves its hydration and elasticity. It's a non-invasive and effective method to keep your skin supple, hydrated and youthfully glowing, night after night.


1- Remove the plastic wrap under the patches.

2- Apply the patches to the desired areas of the body.

3- Leave the patches to act overnight.

4- Peel off, rinse, let dry and reattach the patches to the plastic film.

5- Apply the nourishing silky butter after removing the patches.

6- Reuse patches for a maximum of 30 uses each.

TIPS: This product can be combined with the Nourishing Silky Butter to prevent stretch marks and further improve skin hydration. If this is the case, apply the butter after using the silicone patches and never before, as the patches will not stick well.

WARNINGS: For personal use only, Always apply to cleansed, dry skin, Discontinue use if irritation occurs, Keep out of reach of children, Effectiveness of products may vary from person to person other.


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