Discipline : Traitement pour cheveux indisciplinés

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Contrôle les frisottis

Protège de la chaleur jusqu'à 180°C (350°F)

Procure de la flexibilité et de la discipline

Rend les cheveux les souples et brillants

This set contains:

Fluidalist bath

Fluidalist bath is a shampoo infused with keratin for fine to normal hair difficult to style. This shampoo offers more fluidity, shine and protection against frizz. It nourishes sensitized hair and deep rebels without weighing it down. This smoothing shampoo has a rich, white and creamy gel formula that includes morpho-keratin technology to restore flexibility and hair discipline. The shampoo controls frizz and provides moisture protection.


This smoothing hydrating mask is designed for curly or curly hair. He controls frizz daily for soft and flexible hair. He coats the tips to avoid damage caused by the heat of heated devices.

Thermal keratin

Thermal keratin is a smoothing keratin treatment for curly hair. Thermo protectors agents seal the wicked tips in addition to protecting from heat up to 180 ° C (350 ° F). This brushing cream contains amino acids for the regeneration of fibers and ceramide R to enrich the hair fibers. The anti-humidity and anti-frytis properties allow hair to stay smooth longer.


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