Essential revitalizing mask

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99% more strength

97% more nutrition and hydration

54% more softness

Dermatologically tested

The Symbiose Essential Revitalizing Mask treatment from Kérastase is an intense conditioning mask, sulfate-free and paraben-free, for damaged hair prone to dandruff.

The ultra-gentle formula, designed especially for dandruff-prone hair and damaged hair fibers, contains salicylic acid, for a breathable scalp; bifidus, for a healthy scalp; and squalane, for intense fiber care. This treatment soothes discomfort and preserves the scalp barrier, helps remove residue stuck in the lengths thanks to its powerful detangling property, rehydrates the fibers and intensely nourishes the hair fibers.

The Essential Revitalizing Mask has a creamy white sensory texture and a delicate luxury scent. The Symbiose range, thanks to a unique synergy of three active ingredients that work with the scalp, instantly removes loose dandruff while rehydrating the fibers to provide supreme hair health.

SIZE: 200ml



Apply to freshly washed and towel-dried hair.


Rub the lengths and ends. Leave to act for 3 to 5 minutes.


Add water, then emulsify. Rinse completely, until the water becomes clear.


The Essential Revitalizing Mask treatment is an intense conditioning hair mask for damaged hair prone to dandruff.

– 99% more strength

– Ultra-gentle formula ​

– 97% more nutrition and hydration

– 54% more softness

– Intense nutrition

–More lustrous and stronger hair

-Dermatologically tested


SALICYLIC ACID: The popular skincare ingredient to provide exfoliation that instantly removes dead skin cells and loose flakes. Thanks to its exfoliating property, salicylic acid helps cleanse the scalp.

BIFIDUS: This active ingredient is a bacterial prebiotic fraction which acts as a nutrient promoting the proliferation of beneficial bacteria known for their benefits on the scalp. The bifidus prebiotic fraction is known to promote a healthy scalp ecosystem. This ingredient helps strengthen the skin barrier of the scalp, stimulate the production of proteins involved in anti-microbial defenses and support beneficial bacteria in the scalp.

SQUALANE: Its restorative properties form a protective layer on the hair to lock in moisture and provide lightweight, long-lasting hydration.


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