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Deeply hydrates fibers

Helps preserve color longer

Makes hair soft to the touch

Makes the fiber stronger and more resistant

The Chroma Filler mask is an intense revitalizing treatment for colorful hair. This rich anti-portity fills the porosity from the inside of the fiber in order to strengthen the hair. The mask penetrates in depth to deal with the interior and bring a healthier, softer and brighter color.


- Nourish hair from the inside
- Makes the fiber stronger and more resistant
- Hydrates the fibers in depth < BR>-Makes soft hair to the touch
-Seals the porosity for maximum color retention
-Intensely reduces the frizz by color and helps find the handling
- helps preserve color longer

user manual
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Step 1 : Apply a quantity of the size of A hazelnut on washed and wrung hair.
step 2 : Massage the product on the tips and lengths by avoiding the root.
Step 3 : Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes.
Step 4 : rinse well.

key ingredients

- Centella Asiatica: this miracle plant soothes and heals damaged fibers in addition to regenerating dry hair.
- Lactic acid: Help for the construction of a thin lipid film to cover and protect the surface of the hair in addition to repairing irregularity. Upstream, this acid helps prevent mineral deposits.
- Tartric acid: acts as an antioxidant to protect the color of external damage.
- Lactic acid: Cleaning agent that ishes the hair gently in addition to controlling Frisottis.
- Amino acid: deeply penetrates into fiber to strengthen the hair from the inside.

Format: 75ml


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