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Luster improved by 115%

53% increased softness

Immediate hydration increased by 85%

For fine to medium dry hair

vital milk is a revitalizing that is suitable for normal to slightly dry. It nourishes and softens hair while preserving their lightness! This incredibly light revitalizing treatment contains a multitude of lipids and glucose to bring softness, easy detangling and prolonged hair, from root to the tips.


- Suitable for fine hair
- Very light
- Nourishes hair without weighing down
- Facilitates the detangling

user manual

Step 1: Apply the amount equivalent to the size of a 25 sous on damp hair.
Step 2 : Apply on lengths and tips by massaging.
Step 3 : Leave on 2 to 3 minutes.
Step 4 : rinse well.

key ingredients

- Iris rhizome extract that protects oxidation hair.
- A mixture of glucose, proteins and lipids that regenerates dry hair.
- an emollient agent who nourishes and softens the hair fiber.
- Lipidal agents that optimize shine and provide fluidity.

This hair revitalizing contains iris rhizome extract, a deep moisturizing ingredient which prevents oxidation of hair, which nourishes and makes the hair soft.

Format: 75ml


Step 1: Apply a hazelnut-sized amount to washed, towel-dried hair.

Step 2: Massage the product onto the ends and lengths, avoiding the roots.SPACE] Step 3: Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes. SPACE] Step 4: Rinse well.SPACE]


- Ultralight and ultra-nourishing SPACE] - Designed for fine to medium dry hairSPACE] - Enriched with vitamins and nourishing lipidsSPACE] - Provides intense nutritionSPACE] - Seals cuticlesSPACE] - Creamy white gel textureSPACE] - Immediate hydration increased by 85%SPACE] - Extended nutrition for up to 72 hoursSPACE] - Increased softness by 53%SPACE] - Luster improved by 115%.


PLANT-ORIGIN PROTEINS: In this protein shampoo, whole grains of wheat, corn and soy act as a food supplement. Mixed with fatty acids, omegas and vitamins, they provide the hair with essential nutrients.

NIACINAMIDE: It is a vitamin B3 derivative that locks in nutrients, making this niacinamide shampoo capable of strengthening the hair fiber barrier for long-lasting health.

GLYCERIN: Of plant origin, glycerin reinforces the general moisturizing performance of the formula.


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