Frizz Dismiss - Huile En Sérum Instant Deflate

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This smoothing treatment is brand new in the FRIZZ DISMISS range. Oil-in-Sérum Instant Deflate controls fried hair and static! These products have been tested in Brazil, the most humid country in the world! To apply this product, you just have to spray over your head and drop the mist!


- Oil-in-Sérum Anti-Frisottis
- 24 hours of protection against frizz and humidity
- Instantly fights the excess of unwanted volume < BR>- Ideal for fried hair having an excess volume

user manual

- On wet hair: after using the Shampoo and the Péthampooing Frizz Dismiss, or the shampoo and the Mask Frizz Dismiss, Apply on hair wrung to the towel in order to Smooth them before allowing them to dry in the open air or before the folding.
- On dry hair: apply if necessary to reduce excess volume and smooth the frizz instantly

Format: 125ml


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