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Thermal protection up to 230°C

Makes hair 91% stronger

Provides 6 times more shine

Closes cuticles, strengthens and increases resistance

The cicaxtreme oil is a concentrated and powerful oil that instantly takes blond hair. Applied on wet hair to enhance the shine or on dry hair to protect the hairstyle, cicaex oil gives hair 91 % stronger and 6 times brighter, while closing the cuticles and reducing the forked tips. This oil works in depth to strengthen fibers and cuticles, in addition to moisturizing and raising the shine of your hair!


- close the cuticles, strengthe and enhance the resistance < /span>
-provides 6 times more shine
-Makes the hair 91% stronger
-Read The cuticles
-thermal protection up to 230 ° C
-accelerates the drying time

user manual

1. Apply 1 to 2 pumps on damp hair
2. Dry the dryer, with a dryer brush or let dry in the open air
3. Once the hair is dry, apply 1 pump on the hair, starting with the tips and climbing higher and higher in the hair

key ingredients

cicaxtreme oil contains a cocktail of ingredients chosen Especially for blond hair. The oil contains a duo of hyaluronic acids containing heavy and light molecules for a double action which penetrates and hydrates in depth in order to restore the natural elasticity and force of the fiber of the hair. In addition, Edelweiss oil protects vulnerable decolory hair from daily damage, so that they remain soft and nourished.

To learn more about the cicaxtreme range, you can consult this blogue .
Format: 50ml


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