Genesis Homme : Routine pour plus de masse

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Creates thickness

Thickens and texturizes the fiber

Makes hair denser and stronger

Reduces hair loss

This genesis man routine is ideal for those who wish to find more density and D 'Thickness in their hair .

the fortifying anti-fall serum

the Fortifying anti-fall serum is a must to fight hair loss. Formulated with creatine, ginger root and Aminen, this serum solidifies the hair from the root, fight against the fall and stimulates growth in order to obtain a denser and voluminous hair. This serum strengthens, stimulates and invigorates the scalp. The Aminexil, the star ingredient of this serum, anchors the hair follicle to allow the hair of the rest rooted.


- Reduces hair loss
- Slows the hair loss process
- Anchor the Capillary fiber at the root
- Strengthens the protective barrier of fibers
- soothes and reduces the uncomforts of the scalp
- Fortifies the hair
- Stimulates the growth of stronger hair

use once a day, in the morning or in the evening, for a period of 6 weeks. On a dry or wrung scalp, apply 4 doses (1 dose = 1 pipette) on your scalp by dividing it by section. Massage your scalp with your fingertips for a few minutes to make the product penetrate well.

thickening mass bath

the thickening mass bath is a shampoo that will work thickness and density Hair that tends to refine. This creatine shampoo and ginger root is a purifying and strengthening shampoo ideal for weakened hair subject to thinning. It creates thickness and texture to give a feeling of instant thickness. Completed by glycerin, it offers hydration and additional care for fibers.


- clean the hair in depth
- Eliminates the excess of sebum
- Texture
- Create thickness
- Fortifies hair subject to thinning
- Suitable for hair and beard


on wet hair, apply a small quantity, then massage to promote the formation of a thick and abundant foam. Rinse well.

thickening strength spray

the thickening force spray Span> is a styling spray that helps hair recover their thickness in addition to giving them more strength . This spray formulated with creatine and ginger root plumps and strengthens the hair, giving them a texturing effect that facilitates styling. Suitable for weakened hair subject to thinning, it gives volume, thickens and texturizes fiber to offer a denser hair mass, stronger and easier to comb.


-thickened and texture Fiber
- Facilitates styling
- Makes the hair dense and stronger
- Provides an immediate volume that lasts 24 hours
- No sticky effect


start by spraying a small amount of product in your hands, then apply in Your damp hair.

You can also use it on dry hair to tame the hair and have a more disciplined look.

key ingredients

creatine : synthesized from essential amino acids, this molecule is produced naturally by the body. Creatine promotes the creation of electrostatic bonds in the hair cortex, helping to rebuild and strengthen its interior structure.

the ginger root : ginger is ginger A tropical grass from Asia and has been used in health and beauty recipes for thousands of years. The Genesis formulas incorporate Madagascar ginger, obtained by CO2 extraction, a green chemistry process. This ingredient is known for its protective effect against external aggression factors.

Aminetil 1.5%: added to the fortifying anti-fall serum at a concentration of 1.5 %, this asset has proven its effectiveness to prevent hair loss. The Aminexil inhibits the hardening of the collagen around the hair follicles, a phenomenon linked to the excessive fall of the hair. The sheath remains flexible, allowing hair to better anchor in the scalp and facilitating the contribution of essential nutrients to the bulb.


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