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Rehausse la nutrition des boucles, le rebond et la brillance

Prolonge la durée de vie des boucles avec une tenue 24H

Contrôle des frisottis 24h

Aucun effet crunchy

Curl Contour (Gel) jelly in the Curl Manifesto range is a buckle-buckling gel-cream that will restore definition and rebound to wicks. Suitable for wandering, curly, very curly or frizzy hair, this cream combines the hydration properties of a cream and the holding of a gel for a 24 -hour frizz check as well as a long -lasting outfit and definition. The gel-cream makes it possible to stylize and amplify the natural shape of the loop with softness, definition and without crunchy effect. a small quantity is necessary to give your hair the desired result.


- suitable for vagued, curly, very curly hair (types 2a to 4c)
- Suitable for children
- No crunchy effect
- Raise the nutrition of curls, rebound and shine
- Extend the lifespan Books with 24h outfit
- Control of friedsti 24h
- Definition of soft curls leaving great handling and flexibility
- Raise the shine

user manual

For curly vagued hair: working on damp or dry hair. Take 2 to 4 pumps, depending on the lengths and the thickness of the hair. Scrunch The locks together and delicately define the curls using the fingers.

for very curly/frizzy hair: take 2 to 4 pumps, depending on the length and thickness of the hair, and apply to the pre -earned hair . Apply on the hair and twist the individual curls using the fingers to encourage the formation and definition of patterns. Styling as desired. Proceed with brushing using a diffuser or dry in the air.

to superimpose over Fundamental day cream Curl Manifesto .

key ingredients

Curl Manifesto presents an expert formulation, combining science and luxury with ceramide and precious manuka honey.
Ceramide is a patented ingredient, developed after 4 years of research, which Fills the cracks and strengthens fragile hair from the inside, thus improving the capacity of hair to retain vital humidity. Manuka honey is a powerful natural honey from New Zealand, ultra-recruited micronutrients which provides revival of hydration and restores shine.

Format: 45ml


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