Frizz Dismiss : fluidité et contrôle des frisottis

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This routine is perfect for controlling frizz and humidity for smooth and fluid hair. do not worry, the routine will not prevent your hair from completing, but it will make them for more beautiful and smooth! span>

Routine benefits

- Smooth frizz
- Protects against humidity
- Suitable for colored hair
- does not prevent curling hair
- Bring more of fluidity
- Makes the hair smooth and shiny


The FRIZZ DISMISS LOOKS TO CONTROL YOUR INDIMIBLE FRISOTTIS. The shampoo provides a smoothing effect and moisture protection for all hair types. It is an ultra soft formula that tames fried hair while making it smoother and brighter. do not worry, the product will not prevent your hair from curling!

This smoothing conditioner is suitable for all hair types. It effectively controls unwanted frizz. It is a gentle formula that tames, nourishes and hydrates curled hair to make it smoother and brighter. Do not worry, the product will not prevent your hair from curling!

Cream without rinse rebel Tame

The Rebel Tame Cream in the new Redken Dismark range is a cream to use before using the styling tools (iron, dryer, etc.) since it contains heat protection. This rinse moisturizer is used to control unwanted frizz. Do not worry, she will not prevent your hair from completing!

Treatment Sans-Rinchement DEFLATE

This smoothing treatment is brand new in the frizz range. Oil-in-Sérum Instant Deflate controls fried hair and static! These products have been tested in Brazil, the most humid country in the world! To apply this product, you just have to spray over your head and drop the mist!


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