Architecte : Cheveux Moyennement Abîmés

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Repairs split ends

Rebuilds the hair fiber

Makes hair softer and stronger

Protects from heat up to 180°C (350°F

This set contains:

Bath Force Architect

The Bath Force Architect is our shampoo designed specially for damaged and weakened hair. It reconstructs and strengthens the hair fiber from the root to the tip while preventing the breaks and the forked tips. The hair is softer, strong, shiny and protected. This damaged hair shampoo helps rebuild weakened and brittle hair and protects from future damage.

anti-user cement

Anti-use cement is a restructuring and resurfacing revitalizing designed to repair damaged hair as well as worn lengths and tips. This conditioner helps brittle hair by simulating the effect of keratin, rebuilding the hair and repairing the fork tips. Each fiber is rebuilt, revitalized, shiny and smooth.

Thermal cement

Thermal cement is both a treatment for hair damaged with thermoprotective properties and a thermal styling cream that protects hair from heated tools . This treatment strengthens and restructures the hair fiber, to recreate the natural protective layer of the hair. It protects the wicks against damage to the hair dryer and heated tools. This damaged hair treatment is an excellent addition to your routine to treat hair damaged by heat. It protects from heat up to 180 ° C (350 ° F).

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