Fondant Hydratation Essentielle

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Suitable for types 2A to 4C

Makes detangling easier, even for stubborn knots

Enhances shine, softness and definition of curls

Infuses lightweight moisture without weighing it down

The essential hydration fondant of the Curl Manifesto range is a light conditioner which contributes to restoring the hydration of locks and loops. Its formula is so much suitable for wandering, curly and very curly hair in order to bring a gentle detangling even for the most stubborn nodes. A small quantity is necessary to give your hair the desired result. It impregnates the loops a light humidity without weighing down in order to increase the body, the fullness and the rebound of the curls. Its hydration allows curls to have better elasticity, in addition to being brighter and more defined. its light creamy texture and its delicious odor will seduce you!


-ideal for vagued, curly and very curly hair (types 2a to 3c). Also suitable for frizzy hair (types 4A to 4C).
- Suitable for children
- Reduces frizz for 24 hours
- Bloches humidity for 24 hours
- Facilitates disentangling, even for the most stubborn nodes
- Restoire The hydration of the wicks
- permeates a light humidity without weighing down
- provides more elasticity
- enhance the shine, the sweetness and the definition of the loops

user manual

Step 1: After a washing with Bath hydration softness , apply a quantity of product size of a hazelnut on washed and wrung hair.
Step 2: Massage half-length to the tips by avoiding the roots to avoid To weigh down the hair.
Step 3: Leave acting 2 to 3 minutes.
Step 4: Emulsify and rinse.

can be used daily.

key ingredients

Curl Manifesto presents an expert formulation, combining science and luxury with ceramide and precious manuka honey.
Ceramide is a patented ingredient, developed after 4 years of research, which Fills the cracks and strengthens fragile hair from the inside, thus improving the capacity of hair to retain vital humidity. Manuka honey is a powerful natural honey from New Zealand, ultra-recruited micronutrients which provides revival of hydration and restores shine.

Format: 250ml


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