Fondant Fluidéaliste

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Restaure la flexibilité et la discipline

Protège contre l'humidité

Apporte de la souplesse et de la brillance

Lisse les cheveux indisciplinés

The fluidalist fondant is an conditioner for frizzy hair designed to control the curls. This fluid and creamy emulsion applies following Fluidalist bath to offer flexibility, nutrition and strength.

This fondant anti-frytis contains morpho-keratin technology to restore flexibility and discipline. The combination between the bath and the fondant protects the hair against humidity, disciplines hair and controls frizz. This hair product brings flexibility and shine with a light finish. Adoucing agents infused in this smoothing daily treatment help to bring extreme sweetness to hair and control frizz.


- Restore flexibility and discipline
- Protects against humidity
- brings flexibility and shine
- Smile unruly hair

user manual

Step 1 : After washing the hair with Fluidalist bath , apply a small quantity to washed and wrung hair.
Step 2 : massage on lengths and tips.
3 : Leave on 2 to 3 minutes.
Step 4 : rinse well.

key ingredients

- Morpho-Keratin technology to restore flexibility and discipline
- Softening agents for extreme sweetness
- Lipid agents for sweetness and protection against frizz p>

Format: 200ml


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