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Fondant Extentioniste

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Fondant Extentioniste

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This ultra-detangling fondant with light texture gently repairs the hair for a smooth and easy disentangling that protects from breakage. Enriched with Creatine and Maleic Acid, it instantly penetrates the fiber and strengthens the lengths. The hair material is visibly improved over the entire length, the fiber is smoothed, coated and repaired with a homogeneous silky touch.


Creatine which is an amino acid that penetrates deeply to fully strengthen the structure of the hair.

Ceramide that repairs, smoothes and softens the hair.

Maleic Acid are particles that penetrate the fiber to boost the effect of the product and coat the hair scales for a completely uniform protection.


Apply a shampoo nut to wet hair and lather from mid-length to ends. Leave on for two to three minutes, then rinse.
Make a second shampoo if necessary.
Fondant Extentioniste