Extreme : réparation

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This routine is perfect for repairing and strengthening hair damaged by all types of attacks.

Routine benefits

- improves hair resilience
- Repair all types of damaged hair
- Reduces the break by 73%
- Protein infused formula

extreme shampoo

a fortifying shampoo for damaged or weakened hair. Designed to repair damaged hair, the extreme shampoo will restore health, shine and sweetness to your hair. It helps strengthen and strengthen the most weakened areas.

extreme post-shampooing >

for an optimal result, use after shampoo. This combination will take care of damaged hair and bring it back to life! He helps to untangle, smooth and strengthen your hair.

extreme mask

The extreme mask is a hair mask to treat dry and damaged hair. This deep revitalizing treatment strengthens damaged hair so that they are 15 times stronger. The extreme mask is formulated with the force complex with proteins and lactic acid to help restore force, balance the pH levels and add softness to weakened fibers.

anti-snap treatment /p>

award-winning treatment without rinsing for damaged hair, fork and brittle hair. In addition, it strengthens hair to reduce breakage and protect the shine from hair. For best results, use the extreme shampoo and conditioner beforehand.


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