Extentioniste : Cheveux affaiblis

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Stimule la croissance des cheveux

Protège les cheveux jusqu'à 450°F

Augmente l'élasticité et la résistance

Protège le cuir chevelu

This set contains:

Extewardness bath

extension bath is a strengthening shampoo and a fortifying hair treatment that stimulates the growth of a strong hair from the root. It helps hair push in length, but also to strengthen the hair. This shampoo is suitable for refined and brittle hair and will repair and protect the fiber. The hair is perfectly cleaned and has the ideal environment to reach the desired length. sensitized hair and more likely to break is reinforced with this fortifying hair treatment. The internal structure of the hair will be rebuilt and sealed to provide better protection to the hair, throughout its growth.

Extension founder

The extension fondant is a revitalizing detangling with the creamy and light texture which gently repairs the hair for a mild and easy detangling which protects from the breakage. Enriched with creatine and evil acid, it instantly penetrates the fiber and strengthens lengths. The texture of the hair is visibly improved over the entire length, the fiber is smoothed, coated and repaired with a silky touch. This revitalizing increases the elasticity and resistance of the hair, while rebuilding the hair fiber of brittle hair.

Extension serum

Extension serum is a highly concentrated hair serum in active ingredients, which stimulate the growth of a strong and healthy hair at the root. This energizing treatment without rinsing is a key step to strengthen the hair as soon as it leaves the scalp and to create a healthy and optimal environment during growth. Its non -greasy formula uses the power of ceramids to protect the scalp from external aggressions while stimulating the roots. Applied with an energizing massage of the scalp, it is ideal for boosting and activating hair growth in roots to have longer and stronger hair.

mode of use

Step 1 : apply the serum directly to the scalp, on washed and wrung hair
Step 2 : Apply a maximum of 3 pipettes directly on the scalp, by section.
Step 3 : massage the serum on the roots and in the scalp for a few minutes
Step 4 : massage the whole head to distribute the serum evenly
Step 5 : comb

Do not rinse and style the hair as usual. It is recommended to use the product at least 3 times a week.


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