Ensemble Steampod 3.0 & Discipline

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Réduit de 78% les dommages causés par le fer

Contrôle les frisottis

This set contains:

< Strong> Steampod 3.0

Professional steam iron Steampod 3.0 authorizes a continuous diffusion of steam which makes it possible to repair the hair fiber while styling it. The steampod uses continuous steam to smooth and curl hair.

Thanks to the steampod, your hair will be perfectly smooth and shiny, or silky wavy, longer. Durable hairstyles, natural flow and softer hair, whatever the hair type!

-Smooth 2 times more and 2 times faster than a traditional placque iron
-reduced by 78% damage caused by iron
-allows you to smooth and curl
-Flow of continuous steam for a homogeneous result
-High resistance anodized coating
-Integrated comb that keeps the hair in place
-NEW Integrated water tank
-Extra long rotary cord which facilitates the closure
-Intelligent heat control in 3 Heat settings
-Constant and automatic heat control

Fluidalist bath

Fludicistic bath is a shampoo infused with keratin for fine to normal hair difficult to style. This shampoo offers more fluidity, shine and protection against frizz. It nourishes sensitized hair and deep rebels without weighing it down. This smoothing shampoo has a rich, white and creamy gel formula that includes morpho-keratin technology to restore flexibility and hair discipline. The shampoo controls frizz and provides moisture protection.

-Provides fluidity
-Control Frisottis and loops
-Protects against humidity

thermal keratin

Thermal keratin is a smoothing keratin treatment for curly hair. Thermo protectors agents seal the wicked tips in addition to protecting from heat up to 180 ° C (350 ° F). This brushing cream contains amino acids for the regeneration of fibers and ceramide R to enrich the hair fibers. The anti-humidity and anti-frytis properties allow hair to stay smooth longer.

-protects from heat up span> ° f)
-85% less break
-smooth the Frisottis and rebel locks

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