Ensemble Glow Ultime - Teint foncé (eau autobronzante)

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Self-Tanning Mousse:
Self-tanning face water:

Perfect your self-tanning routine with these best nuda sellers. Make your choice for a natural and radiant result. This set contains The self-tanning mousse to offer you a fabulous complexion, The application glove for a uniform finish Self -tanning water for The face in order to obtain a light tan and The body illuminator for an additional radiance.

make your foam choice!
average : Ideal for dyed pale skin. Middle-a-Fonce nuda "href =" "target =" _ blank "> darken : Ideal for dyed skin dyed.
very dark : Ideal for dyes of dark skin with very dark and for experienced people.

self -tanning foam - very dark

Get an impeccable natural complexion with Nuda self-tanning foam . This velvety and light foam is very easy to apply in addition to drying quickly and providing a uniform complexion with each application. Enriched with coconut, cucumber, mango and grapefruit extracts, this foam will leave your skin radiant, soft and hydrated.

the very dark shade is perfect for taints of dark and very dark skin and for experienced people who wish to obtain a rich and intense tan.

self -tanning water -dark

light up and feed your complexion in an instant thanks to Self-tanning water for the Nuda face < /A>! This face bruine is refreshing, light and transparent. Enriched with aloe, extract of white tea, cucumber, ribbing fruit, chamomile and vitamins A, C and E, this bruine promotes the maintenance of a brilliant complexion and hydrated skin. Your skin will have a perfect and bright tan while being well hydrated. It will also unify the complexion and decrease the appearance of redness.

la dark shade is perfect for Middle to dark skin dyes and people wishing to obtain a rich and bright tan.

the body illuminator

enhance your tan instantly with The Illuminator for the Nuda body ! This browned brown illuminator leaves the skin soft and silky. It is enriched with aloe, avocado oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E to enhance your complexion and nourish your skin. This body illuminator with the smell of vanilla will make your skin soft and instantly illuminate your skin.

the applicator glove

a mild application glove on the skin that avoids streaks and spots. Washable and reusable, The Application Glove for Self-tanning allows you to apply uniform and uniform self-tanning products.


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