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RD Cosmetic Duo

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2X greater effectiveness than retinol

Optimizes healing

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Increases tone

Start with Collagen, and continue with Elastin!

Derma Collagen : Twice as effective as retinol and without its side effects, Derma Collagen® significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles by regenerating the skin deep down to the dermis.

Derma Elastin : Derma Elastin® Firming Gel offers visible firmness gain effects. It acts in the deeper layers of the skin to increase the density of elastin fibers: which results in plumper, younger-looking skin.

Size: 60ml

How to use them?

Cleanse your face with the cleanser of your choice

Apply Derma Collagen to your entire face. It can even be applied to the eyelids.

Wait 30 seconds to ensure good penetration of the product

Apply Derma Elastin to areas needing a boost of firmness. The lower face and neck are important areas. You can apply it to your entire face according to your needs

Apply your usual serum. We recommend Age Proteom from Esthederm.

Apply your cream

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