Dermaroller 3 en 1 O'Terra

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Dermaroller is a beauty tool that creates micro-perforations to activate skin regeneration. The different tips allow you to use your dermaroller as much on the body as on the face and lips. Micro-perforations allow, among other things, to stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture and improve the penetration and efficiency of beauty products.

The set includes the dermaroller & amp; Three tips of different sizes:

-0.5 mm (180c) for the lips
-1.0 mm (600c) for the face
-1.5 mm (1200c) for the body < /span>


- Stimulates the production of natural collagen
- Averted scars and stretch marks
- improves the texture of the skin
- Makes the lips more luscious
- Help the products applied thereafter to penetrate in depth to make a maximum of profits


1. Choose the tip adapted to the area to work.
2. Disinfect your dermaroller with friction alcohol before and after use.
3. On clean skin, make movements from top to bottom and from right to left for at least 30 seconds.

* The application of a moisturizing treatment must be done at least 15 minutes after use.
** Use in the evening only, and this , 1 to 3 times a week.


for personal use only / do not use on injured skin / Do not use in case of metal allergy / always pass the dermaroller on cleaned skin / Pass the Dermaroller in the evening since there can be a few redness following the use/hold out of the reach of children.

Le dermaroller est un outil de beauté qui crée des micro-perforations afin d'activer la régénération de la peau. Les micro-perforations permettent entre autres de stimuler la production de collagène et d'améliorer la texture de la peau. Livraison rapide et gratuite dès 50$
Dermaroller 3 en 1 O'Terra


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