Défense Thermique - Format Voyage

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Protection de la chaleur jusqu'à 450°F

Donne du volume et de la légèreté

Scelle et répare les pointes fourchues

Donne des cheveux doux, soyeux et brillants

Genesis thermal defense is a high-speed streaming product. This product without rinsing guarantees protection against heat and hydrates, strengthens and protects against heat -caused damage. It untangles and hydrates the fibers without creating Frisottis or Alrourdissement. It greatly facilitates brushing and hairstyle. This product strengthens fibers to reduce the risk of hair loss caused by breakage and helps prevent stray tips by sealing the cuticle of the hair. You must apply it on dried lengths to the towel. Massage the lengths and styling!


- protects the hair from heat up to 220 ° C (450 ° F)
- gives volume and lightness to hair
- Sea And repair the fork spikes
- gives soft, silky and shiny hair!

user manual

Step 1 : Apply a small quantity to the wet hair washed and well wrung.
Step 2 : apply well on The tips and lengths to protect the hair.
Step 3 : hair hair!

key ingredients

unique combination of ginger root and native cells from Edelweiss. The ginger root protects from external aggressions that occur on a daily basis. Edelweiss native cells are recognized for their antioxidant power and their property which helps preserve collagen. Edelweiss can even withstand in extreme conditions.

Format: 45ml


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