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Curl - Enhancer

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Boost the waves, without weighing them down. This light revitalizing styler improves natural texture, while providing control and protection against frizz. It is powered by the Healthy Curl complex for gentle and brilliant waves.


- Leave the stronger and more defined waves
- The curl system (shampoo, revitalizing and styling for curls) offers 90% Fryottis control
- improves the definition of waves
- improves waves without weighing them down
- provides a light conditioning
- Creates waves that seem soft, shiny and hydrated from the root to the points < BR> - Provides mild and light control and support

user manual

Apply to wet hair from the root to the tips. Start with a small amount and add more if necessary. Distribute uniformly over the hair. Scrunch to train groups of loops. Dry as usual.

If you have thick and wavy hair, you may prefer the medium revitalizing benefits of curl define. For more hold or shine, we recommend that you finish your style with the gel defining the loops (outfit) and / or the moisturizing oil shine for the loops (shine). Curl enhancer does not make the hair stiff wavy because it was designed for naturally wavy textures.


-Sans paraben
-without phthalate
-safe for hair treated chemically
-Silicone without data-mce-frament="1">-Security for colorful hair
- Peta certified without cruelty
- Recyclable materials


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