Intensive anti-spot treatment 30 days

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This set offers you the 3 essential products to give your skin the complete anti-dark spot treatment! After 30 days, you will see a superb improvement: pigment spots will be reduced, your complexion will be more luminous and uniform and irregularities will be blurred.


Apply 1 to 2 pumps morning and evening to face and neck.


1. Keep the hood closed. Remove the protective film.

2. Press the soft button firmly twice.

3. Shake 15 seconds before each use.

4. Unscrew the cover, then press the soft button to deliver the product.

5. Consume all of the serum within 15 days of activation.

*Important: As the serum was designed to preserve Vitamin C in its purest state, it is only good for 15 days after its activation. You must follow the instructions to activate it correctly. The amount provided in the serum gives you enough for 15 uses. You must purchase 2 serums in order to complete the complete 30-day treatment.


-Fades pigment spots by 96%

- Makes the complexion 97% more radiant

- Makes the skin smoother

- Brightens the complexion

- Evens the skin

- Reduces the appearance of pigment spots

- Targets dark spots, dull complexion, uneven skin tone.

- Suitable for sensitive skin.


- The cellular water patent, which reactivates the energy of cells and optimizes their functioning.

-The Vitamin C complex, which includes 2 forms of Vitamin C with immediate and prolonged action. It helps reduce pigment spots and restores uniformity to the skin, notably by reviving the radiance of the complexion.

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