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Osmoclean - Crème Douce Désincrustante mini format

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Emptymatic Esthederm care, this soft and creamy cream cleans the skin while respecting it and disincludes impurities deep in pores. This cream changes texture when massaged; She thickens and adheres to the skin. It absorbs the impurities of the pores by acting as a vacuum cleaner to let the skin breathe. When the cream is used regularly, the skin is soft, clean and cleaned of all the impurities accumulated . "1 product sold every 5 minutes in the world. »


- Deep cleaning with total respect for the skin.
- Eliminates comedons.
- Smooth skin relief.

user manual

- Apply a small amount of product and massage on the entire face. Perform circular movements until the thicken cream.

- Rinse with water by performing circular movements.

key ingredients

Format: 15ml

The patent of the skin balance system.

The high tolerance cleaning base.

The cell water patent booste the 'Effectiveness of your care. It optimizes the energy environment of cells.


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