Cicaextreme : Soins pour cheveux décolorés

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Regenerates the hair fiber

Neutralizes coppery and yellow undertones

Thermal protection up to 230°C

Makes hair 91% stronger

This set contains:

cicaxtreme bath

The cicaxtreme bath of the Absolute Blond range offers a revolutionary cure for discolored blond hair. The cicaxtreme bath is a unctuous and revolutionary cream shampoo which replaces the drying drying of blond hair with a cleaning that hydrates, strengthens and leaves the hair more flexible, light and shiny. Inspired by the most luxurious skin care products, it is presented in a magnificent container offering a whole new sensory experience in the living room and in the shower. The formula contains 40 times more lipids than a classic shampoo, a real revolution in professional blond hair cleaning that hydrates the hair in depth after discoloration. This cream shampoo nourishes, strengthens and hydrates the hair in depth.

cicaex mask

The cicaxtreme mask is an intense care mask after discoloration. This extreme ultra -repairing treatment regenerates in depth after a hair treatment to pamper blond hair. It hydrates and strengthens blond hair in depth to regenerate the capillary fiber weakened by chemical treatments. Thanks to the concentrated hyaluronic acid duo and Edelweiss oil, the cicaxtreme mask further reduces the breakage and allows blond hair to remain strong and shiny. This intense formula is a must for discoloration addicts and for anyone needing increased care to bring their hair back to life.

cicaexy oil

cicaxtreme oil is a concentrated and powerful oil that instantly takes blond hair. Applied on damp hair to enhance the shine or on dry hair to protect the hairstyle, the cicaxtreme oil gives hair 91 % stronger and 6 times brighter, while closing the cuticles and reducing the fork tips. This oil works in depth to strengthen fibers and cuticles, in addition to moisturizing and raising the shine of your hair!

To learn more about the cicaxtreme range, you can consult this blogue .

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