Bronz Repair teinté

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This anti-wrinkle tinted cream sublimates the skin and gives it radiance. It optimizes natural tan and keeps the youth of the skin by smoothing fine lines and fine lines. This is the perfect day care for summer. When applied, the skin has a natural tan, it is hydrated and firmer thanks to its combination of anti-aging.


- Corrects existing wrinkles
- Protects UVA and UVB
- Makes the tan more intense, more durable, more homogeneous.
- Protects against cell damage caused by the entire solar spectrum (IR, visible light, UVA and UVB and by pollution)
- Hydrates and nourishes
- Universal shade / Soft Focus pigments (Sunkissed )
- tinted cream

user manual

- Generously apply to the face, neck and neckline 20 minutes before sun exposure.
- Reapplicate every two hours.

key ingredients

The cellular water certificate boosts the effectiveness of your care. It optimizes the energy environment of cells.

The Adaptasun technology that improves skin resistance to the sun in safety. The tan is darker, faster and stays longer. The skin is flexible, hydrated and radiant while making it more resistant to external aggressions.

The repair technology which contains a high concentration in moisturizing and regenerating ingredients. It considerably reduces signs of age.

Cette crème teintée anti-rides sublime la peau et lui donne de l’éclat. Elle optimise le bronzage naturel et conserve la jeunesse de la peau en lissant les rides et les ridules. Livraison rapide et gratuite dès 50$
Bronz Repair teinté


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