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Bain Régénérant

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Bain Régénérant

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The regenerating bath is a purifying shampoo for all hair types. It is the most concentrated shampoo ever created by Kérastase. Using both hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and abyssine, this youth revitalizing shampoo cleans the hair by removing all the impurities and turning from the root to the tip. It nourishes, hydrates and fills the hair fibers to restore force. The hair is smooth, shiny, silky and regenerate the fibers.

It targets the refreshment and weakening of hair fiber.


- Revitalizes the hair from the root to the point
- offers protection against antioxidants, color and UV rays
- strengthens and regenerates the hair fiber
- Leave the hair shiny, silky and smooth
- nourishes and hydrates hair fibers


His sensual heart reveals the delicate floral notes of rose-theth and peony enveloping the velvety richness of the Magnolia. The strong citrus head notes and wooded background notes surround this floral heart in a perfect balance between lightness and depth.

user manual

Step 1: Apply the equivalent of a 25 under cleansing shampoo on damp hair, starting with the roots.
Step 2: Distribute the product on all lengths in Gently massaging.
Step 3: Rinse completely.
Step 4: Combine with Intense mask regenerating For best results.

key ingredients

-of abyssine, which revives hair fiber to give it a bulky rebound. Capable of giving birth to life in improbable places, this ingredient with revitalizing properties repairs damaged hair and invigorates the fibers.

- hyaluronic acid, to wrap the hair and give it a Depth hydration which revitalizes aging fibers and revives the dry and released scalp. The hair is gaining thickness and healthy, finding an appearance of youth at all times.

Format: 250ml
Bain Régénérant